So you’re interested in running a Yacht Charter Business?


You love sailing on yachts, so much–in fact–you want to make it a business! Although you’re passionate and experienced, you want to be strategic about your new business; you are looking for advice, counseling, and help with management. You want to find someone that will help you make your business a success—not someone just looking to takeover and make money.

iYachtClub’s management business was started with the desire to introduce individuals to the joy of yacht charter ownership. From yacht management services to just straight, good advice we want to help you make your dreams a reality. Explore our array of professional services such as management services for existing yachts, basic advice that we term ‘yacht ownership 101’, business owner’s success stories, and more.

Here to Fulfill Dreams of a Successful Business


iYachtClub works with investors who want to realize their dream of owning a yacht. As part of our managed fleet of yacht charters you can:

…and more! Our processes have been refined with private yacht owners in mind—so that you get the profit and freedom you need for a successful business. To learn more about HOW we do this, visit our ‘What We Do’ page.–COMING SOON!

Our Yacht Charter Business Services


We offer a variety of professional business services: from supplementing your current business with top grade crews to day one helping you choose a bareboat yacht. Whether you own your yacht or want to participate in fractional ownership, we have an option for you.

Service for Starting a New Yacht Charter Business

From purchase to charter—you are looking to get a new yacht charter business up and going. Unfortunately, most of the companies you may have come across are more interested in selling you their yachts than helping you find the boat that is best for your goals. You end up talking to a salesperson when you were looking for some objective advice.

Take the right steps from day one and work with a company that works with you. Learn more about our services for individuals that don’t yet have a yacht.

Management for Existing Yacht Owners

Take the stress out of your yacht charter business; you don’t need to handle the management alone. Sometimes finding the right, qualified crew and captain, booking guests, and managing all of those tedious business tasks can suck the excitement right out of your business. We step in to ease this burden and bring back the joy of owning your yacht charter business.

Check out more about the benefits of this service for your business (and guest experience).–COMING SOON!

Fractional Ownership Plans

More about this topic coming soon!



Yacht Ownership 101: Advice and Information for New Yacht Charter Businesses


The Ultimate Guide for Turning a Bareboat, Pre-Owned Catamaran into a Money-Making, Luxury Yacht Charter

To succeed as a yacht charter business, it is important to start out with all of the advantages on your side. You need to choose the right boat and then know how to transform that into a profitable charter yacht. We have a three-part series (more to come) that explores the basics of yacht charter ownership from finding the right boat to purchase, to having her ready to welcome guests aboard.  The video follows one yacht from our very own fleet from purchase to transformation.

Part One: Buying a Pre-owned Catamaran

Part Two: How to Refurbish a Boat- Interior and Exterior

Part Three: Renaming a Boat

Yacht Shows and Business Events- Participation and Networking

Yacht shows are both a time to stand out and a massive opportunity for networking with the top charter yacht vacation brokers in the industry. A successful yacht show can lead to a jump start on the year’s bookings. We assist our managed yachts and crews with all of the details that go into creating a stunning presentation at the yacht shows. Take a look at the yachts that participated in last Fall’s yacht show here:

A little taste of the St. Thomas 2016 Charter Boat Show

Why Wait? Make Your Dream Business Become a Reality with the Experts

Whether you have a yacht, are looking to buy one, or are just interested in getting involved with a yacht charter business, you need an expert on your side. Don’t wait—make your dreams a reality with the confidence of an expert. Contact iYachtClub to get started today!