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Our cabins are brightly lit with windows and interior lights, and to many of our guests delight extremely comfortable!

Imagine waking in a luxurious bed, sunlight softly beaming through the windows. The aroma wafts down to your cabin of a personalized breakfast prepared by the chef on board. You make your way to the deck to see a new vista: emerald green hills sloping towards the serene turquoise sea with a white, sandy beach just off the decks.

Now imagine standing in this surreal backdrop outside a resort. You know nothing about the area, you are trying to get to a decent, local restaurant for dinner, all while carrying all your bags and towels from the beach. The Caribbean can be heaven on earth: but if you don’t know the best places to go, and you don’t get A+ service, it can also be a nightmare.

Because discerning vacationers recognize the high risk for ‘travel trauma’ in these scenarios, more and more people are choosing our Caribbean crewed yacht charters for the peace of mind. They are the experience of a lifetime: something you will never forget and will talk about to friends and family for many years to come.

“We left Karizma feeling we had a satisfying mix of pleasure, relaxation, and adventure. It was truly a trip of a lifetime, and not one of us wanted to wake up from our dream vacation on Karizma. We will be back!” -Review from guest on our chartered yacht ‘Karizma

Take the Scenic Route through Life with Caribbean Yacht Charters

Why pass by the landscape of life? Get back to nature while you relax by sailing with your family on a trip in the Caribbean.

Why pass by the landscape of life? Get back to nature while you relax by sailing with your family on a trip through the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a region just south of the Gulf of Mexico that consists of over 700 islands. It’s all safe and endlessly scenic. Some of the best places to visit are the US and the British Virgin Islands because the many stunning cays and islands are so close together they only require a couple of hours of sailing in between.

Do you Remember What a Real Night Sky Looks Like?

When was the last time the sheer immensity of the Milky Way left you staggering? Have your children ever in fact seen it? Due to the minimal amount of pollution, the Caribbean is a place where you can see the stars like you never could in most of mainland North America.

The gleaming lights aren’t only painted in the sky. In the sea, the natural bioluminescent water sparkles with just the wiggle of your feet. Nothing is quite as breathtaking as a glowing sea. A vacation on a catamaran where the decks allow you to be near the water, but in the open air and sky. The wonder of the Caribbean nights is best experienced on a luxurious yacht charter.

What exactly is the Caribbean?

Often people get confused about the difference between the Caribbean, The US Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. The Caribbean is usually regarded as a subregion of North America and consists of all of the islands South of Florida from the Bahamas to Grenada.

The US Virgin Islands

A vacation with beautiful sandy beaches, but still enough hustle and bustle of an American city, is a trip to the US Virgin Islands (USVI). The USVI consist of three main islands (St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix) and a few smaller ones. St. Thomas and St. John are right next to each other, but St. Croix is about a six-hour sail away.

These islands have a variety of shopping and restaurants with both American and Island authenticity.  You won’t want to miss out on the active and varied nightlife that envelops these islands when the sun starts to set.

The airport on St. Thomas is the largest in the area and receives direct and international flights. Because many visitors fly into St. Thomas, the USVI has become known as the gateway to the British Virgin Islands. To travel between the USVI and the BVI, you will need a passport. Even though all the islands are close by, they are still owned by different countries and therefore require documentation.

What exactly is the Caribbean? Family sailing trips will take you to the various islands in the area, which are all fairly similar.

What exactly is the Caribbean? Family sailing trips will take you to the various islands in the area, which are all fairly similar.

The British Virgin Islands

For the best sailing in the world and a vacation where you can run on island time, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) would be your best choice. The BVI consists of over 60 islands and cays. Sailing between the different islands is ideal because they are all relatively close together, and the weather and wind are fairly consistent year-round.

On shore, there are fun beach bars and private resorts, which more people describe as low-key when compared to the USVI. Not as many people crowd the beaches, but there is less variety of restaurants and stores which are more island specific.

Exploring, Romance, Sailing, or Relaxing? Do it all on a Caribbean Yacht Charter

Your biggest challenge each day will be deciding which unbelievable destination the captain will take you to visit that day. Are you going to snorkel among turtles or dive a pristine reef? Maybe you want a relaxing day just reading: lie in the shade on the deck or in a hammock slung between two palm trees on a quiet beach.

If you charter a yacht in the Caribbean, you can expect great weather, stunning destinations, and exquisite meals every day. There is no stress. There is no pressure. There are no difficult situations with locals. The crews aboard our yachts know the islands very well and can guide you effortlessly to the most scenic locations, the best nightlife, the best bars and the most fun activities.

“Our days felt easy, revolving around what we wanted to do, with no rushing or pressure.” – Guest on the Karizma

Some people love to be active. We booked one newly married couple on one of our yacht charters recently who experienced everything from sailing the yacht to snorkeling and scuba diving every day – and they still managed to visit every beach bar within striking distance!

Whether being super active is your M.O. or having the opportunity to spend quality time relaxing with your spouse is your priority, you’ll find chartering a yacht in the Caribbean an experience that you will never forget.

Families’ Experiences on Caribbean Yacht Charters

When we send families off on a cruise aboard our yacht charters, generally a 44 catamaran such as Hypnautic, we consistently hear from them about how amazed they were by their onboard experience. They’ll rave about the quality of the cabins, deck, and lounging areas; they’ll express their surprise at how much fun the children had on board; they’ll praise the food served to them every day. But most of all, they share their gratitude for bringing them together as a family through this vacation.

All Inclusive Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters – What Was Your Favorite Part?

We know every parent worries about the challenges some vacations place on even the most easy-going families. Aboard the charter yacht, no teenagers are sulking in their rooms, no one is fighting over computer games, no one worries about staying out late, and there are no challenges deciding what to do that day, hour, or even that minute. Our crewed yacht charters are effortless and the best way for families to reconnect in the spectacular natural wonderland that is the US and the British Virgin Islands.

Our meals are locally inspired. Two examples shown are: 1) (top) Crab Stack with Avocado and Mango by Chef Laura on ‘More Amore’. Both of these fruits are found locally and used for flavor. 2) (bottom) the Grilled Caribbean Shrimp from Chef Matt aboard ‘Nadiya.’


All-inclusive and Crewed

Going with one of our all-inclusive crewed Caribbean yacht charters means no preparing or cleaning up food for each meal. Instead, you are served quality gourmet food prepared to your preference every day by the onboard chef.

“Your hospitality was the very best; the gourmet meals couldn’t have been better. The best restaurant on our vacation!! (seriously)”–Fondly, Leslie on the Genesis

Learn More About Us!

iYachtClub takes pride in being a business of the Caribbean, not just in it! Because we live here, we know local customs, have been inspired by local cuisine and flavors, and we are familiar with the spots only locals would know about. Our crews know how to make your vacation amazing because we know the Caribbean!


For meals off the yacht, you can have peace of mind knowing an experienced captain will guide you to the best places at the best times, ensuring you find excellent meals and most importantly are kept safe. We provide the option to sail or not included in your trip. All-inclusive means there are no additional costs, surprises or unexpected complications.

Comfort and Stability On Board

Catamarans are safe, luxurious and roomy. These types of yacht charters are ideal for families, fun activities and party-orientated fun. Monohull sailboats are more suited to the serious sailor who seeks the more traditional sailing experience. Catamarans have taken off as the preferred type of sailing charter in recent years mainly due to their stability since most people do not experience seasickness when aboard them.

If Sailing is your Thing

The British Virgin Islands is a joy for sailors. This area offers some of the best sailing destinations in the world. The trade winds constantly blow from the northeast for most of the year, so you won’t need to worry about the doldrums. There are plenty of regattas to observe or to participate in, as well.

Antidote to the Pressures of Life

“Kayaking and snorkeling right off the back of the boat, reading on the trampoline, watching the horizon from the captain’s deck, and just catching some sun. THIS is how a vacation should be – totally relaxing, amazing food, great tunes, awesome sailing, WOW! This is the first time I’ve ever seen my husband not wear a watch – THAT’s how relaxed we were! We can’t wait to come back!

–Missy, guest on the Catatonic

A Caribbean yacht vacation is an antidote to the pressures of everyday living: work stress, housework, too much TV or computers, junk food and lack of exercise. So do it! You deserve to book your escape today. If this is your first time on one of our Caribbean yacht charters, you can learn more about what you need to know here.

Whether shade or the sun is your thing, you can find what you want on the deck of a beautiful catamaran under sail watching the islands drift by, and dolphins play in the wake: a vacation on a Caribbean yacht charter with us is a truly spirit-revitalizing experience.


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If you are like most of our yacht guests, the experience of being aboard a yacht charter is new, and you have TONS of questions about what to expect. We have tried to consolidate all that information about our Caribbean charters into the section below. See what people say about our yacht charters to get a sense of the trip. There are a lot of pages on this site that offer various information about the many aspects of yacht charters in the Caribbean, so feel free to explore.  

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Caribbean yacht charters really are all about the guest experience, and they are tailored specifically to maximize everyone’s pleasure during their time on board.  With great food and drinks, beautiful sailing and wonderful itinerary stops, a BVI crewed yacht charter is one of the best vacations for families and friends to spend uninterrupted time together in the most relaxing and fun way possible.

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